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Administrative Staff


Frank Stilwagner
Executive Director
Halie Looper
Company Manager
Jacquelyn Rardin
Strategic Services & Development
T.J. Elston
Music Librarian


Jennifer Wood
Finance Director
Alison Coates
Staff Accountant


Colleen Dodson
Development Manager:
Strategic Services & Grants
Gerry Kunkel
Community Relations Manager
Tina Davis
Fund Raising Events Manager
Thom Courcelle
Development Associate
Julie L. Wilchins, LLC
Grant Writing


Matthew Arnold
Marketing Manager
Liz Dawson
Marketing & Outreach Associate
Kevin Carson
Box Office Manager
Barb Rowan
Graphics Designer
Jennifer Rice LLC
Public Relations


Nancy Hautala
Production Manager
Billy Frantz
Assistant Production Manager
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Colleen Dodson

Development Director
Member since 2010

206.323.0750 x222