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Administrative Staff


Frank Stilwagner
Executive Director
Halie Looper
Company Manager
Jacquelyn Rardin
Strategic Services & Development
T.J. Elston
Music Librarian


Jennifer Wood
Finance Director
Alison Coates
Staff Accountant


Colleen Dodson
Development Manager:
Strategic Services & Grants
Gerry Kunkel
Community Relations Manager
Tina Davis
Fund Raising Events Manager
Thom Courcelle
Development Associate
Julie L. Wilchins, LLC
Grant Writing


Matthew Arnold
Marketing Manager
Liz Dawson
Marketing & Outreach Associate
Kevin Carson
Box Office Manager
Barb Rowan
Graphics Designer
Jennifer Rice LLC
Public Relations


Nancy Hautala
Production Manager
Billy Frantz
Assistant Production Manager

Jennifer Wood

Finance Director
Member since 2012

206.323.0750 x202