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Associates are those who contribute a minimum of 40 hours per year in administrative, production, fundraising and support related tasks. As an associates, you are welcome at any rehearsals. You share the same rights and privileges as performing members, including invitations to all social events. Some people choose to become associate members while others choose to volunteer on a less frequent basis.

Associates are asked to complete a membership information form for inclusion in our membership roster (which is for membership use only). Associates typically meet twice each quarter - once on a Monday to correspond with Seattle Men's Chorus' rehearsal and once on a Tuesday to correspond with Seattle Women's Chorus' rehearsal. Meetings are generally one hour long.

Pam Abbott McKay
Rachel Ashton
DeDe Backstrom
Bob Blackburn
Ron Bryan
Micah Burnett
Fran Calandra
Kathy Canavan
David Capocci
Ricky Caudle
Naqkita Crenshaw
Bud Cudmore
Pat D
Susan Decker
Sharon Dennis
Kyle Dinniene
Anne Ducey
Joyce Ericson
Ron Garrison
Heidi Gordon
Irene Gresia
Jake Hawthorne
Ted Hazard
Karen Hempler
Joe Herber
Donald Horn
Winnie Hubeck
Claudia Jellesed
Helen Johnson
LuAn Johnson
Mary K. Legate
Jim Leonard
Crystal Liston
James Ludwig

Carol Mastenbrook
Logan May
Kerry McGowne
Nicole Mikulas-Serletti
Paul Miller-Hawksford
Mary Moran
Wendy Moy
Pam Nordquist
Sue Paules
Jerry Peterson
Jon Peterson
Daiv Prichard
Gordon K. Pun
Kevin Ramsey
Nathan Reise
Kelly L. Ross
Brent Ruth
Ken Saville
Larry Scott
Donna Smith
Christopher South
Brian Stanley
David Stephens
Indigo Summer
Kristin Terry
Fran Thatcher
Janet Thomasson
Cheryl Thompson
Scott Tomes
Shannon T. Tulloss
Don Van Dyke
Ted Van Velzen
Craig Wood
Nathan Young