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Artistic Staff

Dennis Coleman
Artistic Director
Flying House Productions
Eric Lane Barnes
Assistant Artistic Director
Flying House Productions
Director, Captain Smartypants
Evan Stults
Principal Accompanist

photo: Kevin Gallagher by Jay Koh © 2008
Kevin Gallagher

Performance Interpreter
Seattle Men’s Chorus

Our sign language artist has given visual form to the music of Seattle Menís Chorus since 1981 using ASL as part of his interpreting. For details on ADA access to our performances, including performances with a certified ASL interpreter, please refer to the Access page of our website

Member since 1981

A Bronx native, Kevin Gallagher joined the Chorus as ASL interpreter in 1981 after studying at New York School for the Deaf and interpreting theater in NYC. He has been the guest interpreter for numerous GALA choruses from the U.S., Canada and Europe and learned AUSLAN (Australian sign) for the Chorus’s Australia and New Zealand tour. Career highlights include: being the first interpreter at the re-opening of Carnegie Hall in 1986, interpreting for cultural and athletic events at Gay Games and a signed music video of True Colors on KCTS Channel 9. He performed in Europe and was the only U.S. performer at the invitation of the deaf community for the second annual Berlin Deaf Rock Festival. Training includes the Juilliard Interpreting for the Theatre seminars in NYC and degrees in Education and Speech Pathology/Audiology. He presently teaches kindergarten in Seattle Public Schools and college classes at Heritage University. In 2007 and 2008 Kevin was one of five regional teachers selected to represent the U.S. in Jordan.