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Artistic Staff

Dennis Coleman
Artistic Director
Flying House Productions
Eric Lane Barnes
Associate Artistic Director
Flying House Productions
Director, Captain Smartypants
Evan Stults
Principal Accompanist
Kevin Gallagher
Artistic Interpreter

photo: Kevin Gallagher by Jay Koh © 2008
Kevin Gallagher

Artistic Interpreter
Seattle Men’s Chorus

Member since 1981

Kevin G. Gallagher is a multiple award-winning teacher and performance interpreter who joined the Seattle Men’s Chorus in 1981. Studies at New York School for the Deaf and the Juilliard ASL Interpreting Performance Seminars coupled with decades of on-stage work have guided his path. Career highlights include 1st Gay Games in San Francisco and subsequent Games, being the 1st ASL interpreter at the renovated Carnegie Hall, working with numerous Gay Choruses nationally and internationally, a popular ASL video of True colors on KCTS and local performances at the 5th Avenue, Paramount, Alice B. Theater, Bumbershoot and other venues.

Certified ASL interpretation at SMC concerts  —  Learn More »